Hog Rock Cafe Shut Down By Witty Worm

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As many of you are aware, Hog Rock Cafe has been off line for the past week.  We were a victim of the "Witty Worm" attack which crashed servers around the country last Saturday morning, March 20th.  Our dedicated staff has been working day and night to correct this problem working with our partner, CI Host.  This is the first instance of extended downtime since we began using CI Host two years ago.  To prevent future reoccurrence, we have moved our website to a Unix server which is much more resistant to these type of attacks.

We at Hog Rock Cafe apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our loyal fans.  Below is the E-mail sent to me by the CEO of CI Host.


Subj: To Hog Rock Cafe From Christopher Faulkner, CEO C I Host 
Date: 3/25/2004 9:58:24 PM
From: ceo@cihost.com
To: TomSommers@aol.com

To Hog Rock Cafe: Rebuilding Your Website In The Wake of the Witty Worm Attack:

We, at C I Host, are respectful of the serious nature of attacks and the overall current state of the Internet as malicious attacks increase.  Our concerns are for our customers, our business of course, and the economy in general.  It was particularly upsetting that my personal favorite website, hogrockcafe.com was shut down.  Our staff always looks forward to the latest Breaking News on Hog Rock.  Unfortunately, the internet criminals don't care who they shut down.

On March 20, pre-meditated and criminal "worm" attack struck with unprecedented malevolence, seriously affecting C I Host, its partners and many other Internet companies.  In recent months, together, we have gone untouched by literally dozens of widespread attacks.  Others were not so fortunate in those earlier attacks.

We apologize sincerely and humbly to all clients who were so adversely victimized, as were we.  Some of you already know there a few servers still restoring and some backup content is still loading.  It is a drawn out, meticulous process.

There is no way to comfort a business person who has been shut down for several days, due to a calculated and anonymous saboteur.  We can empathize because we all were hit together. It is little consequence, but you should know that quick action avoided an even larger catastrophe.

When the dust settles, we will double our efforts to provide faster, more accessible answers from technical experts via telephones and Internet chat. But, until every site for every customer is up and running, our resolve will remain unchanged.

Rest assured my team and myself personally are working has hard as any human can work to get hogrockcafe.com back up as soon as possible..


Christopher Faulkner
C I Host